About me
Uchenna Ilo is a life transformation thought leader, philosopher, doctoral researcher, spiritual adviser and a human rights advocate. He is an inspirational writer, motivational speaker, social entrepreneur, and humanitarian. His inspirational writings and creative works have been published on the simple reminders network (which has 6 million social subscribers and reaches 50 million readers weekly).  His writings cut across diverse dimensions of the human experience including spirituality, love and relationships, leadership, excellence, success, healthy living, passion, purpose, innovation, creativity and business management. 

Uchenna’s writings are based on his very sober and honest reflections of his past and current experiences in life.  He believes that life is a journey of self-discovery, and that until we truly understand who we are and why we are here, we will not realise our full potential. He believes that it is possible to live in peace with yourself and with your neighbours and that true love really exists and can be attracted by living a life of honesty and truthfulness. The purpose of his writings is to bring healing to people who feel they have been broken by the sufferings of life and who may have lost hope in themselves. He believes that happiness, inner peace and true love can be achieved if we understand how to conduct our lives in the right manner.

Uchenna has made academic distinctions across different academic disciplines spanning the life sciences and research philosophy. He holds degrees in Microbiology, Biotechnology with Business, and Research Methods, and has received an academic award and prize for his outstanding academic performance. With over 7 years’ experience in the banking industry where he held various managerial positions, and a short entrepreneurial stint in haulage and marketing, Uchenna has gained extensive experience in practical leadership and resource management. He is currently a doctoral candidate in the field of business management with a special interest in business ethics, organisational innovation and strategic management. 

“I am a Nigerian philosopher, with a deep passion for writing, who believes in the interconnectedness of every experience we go through in life.  On my journey of self-discovery, I have endured intense spiritual sufferings, shame, disgrace, fear, mistakes and multiple failures but I strongly believe that all these have led me back to my true self and to a very deep understanding of who I really am. My pains have led me to a discovery of my true power, strengths, passion and purpose in life, and I hope that the lessons of my stories will bring healing to anyone who is going through a similarly tough period in life.”  – Uchenna Ilo